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Retrieving process

Submit applications

Go to www.mylost.jp and fill in the location, business, contact number, name, appearance and other information of your lost articles. The more detailed and rich the information, the easier it will be to retrieve!
Contact recovery service fee of 500 yen (100 yen will be charged if no call is made) *No matter whether the item can be found after contact, this fee will not be refunded, please understand.

Contact the merchant

After receiving your application for recovery, the staff will help you to contact and communicate with you by phone according to the information you provided, and finally confirm whether the lost items can be recovered.

Retrieve the goods/ Item not found

Confirm to find the lost items, arrange domestic express to retrieve the lost items/items not found, the service will be terminated.
Pick-up from Japan starts at 840 yen *Click trial freight

Retrieve the goods /Item not found

The item cannot be recovered and the service is terminated。

International express delivery

After the goods are confirmed to be found, use the customer to submit their receiving address at the network site. We will arrange for the EMS international delivery for you after the items are delivered to the database!
EMS international freight can enjoy the Japanese post office original price 95 % discount! *Click trial freight